One of my absolute preferred functions of our cottage bathroom redecorates the floaty, smooth blue shower curtain that puddles on the ground.  To me, it genuinely changed the key to making the bathroom experience relaxing and highly-priced. 

To get this appearance, I ended up taking a store bought window curtain panel (or 2) and made it paintings as a shower curtain.  I want to reveal you how easily you could do this.

I suppose that is an excellent alternative because there is far greater kind of window curtains that there are the best shower curtains rods.

Trust me; I’ve appeared.

I honestly looked excessive and low for a shower curtain that was worthy of my love – and located none.  So I selected to bite the bullet and go and purchase some cloth I cherished, make it myself, and get a custom appearance to surround my Joss & Main pedestal bathtub. (Which is divine, with the aid of the manner!)

I turned into certainly in my manner to the fabric save, however, decided to make a brief stop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond – for a few towels.  I observed myself roaming into the curtain phase and stopped in my tracks after I noticed a lightweight, gentle blue sheer curtain panel.

I become at first going to go along with white material, however, once I saw the blue I knew it would be ideal for adding a touch of shade to the room.

So I grabbed 2 of the panels and headed over to seize a waterproof shower curtain liner, and skipped the cloth store altogether.

If I had sold a window curtain that had grommets on the top, placing it into the shower hooks would have been quick and smooth.  But the window panel became topped with a casing, which meant it had no holes for the bathe hooks.  I wasn’t intimidated via this, as I knew it'd be a reasonably brief restoration. 

My plan of assault changed into to simply stitch buttonholes wherein the curtain might want to be hung up at the bathe hooks.

Here’s how I did that:

I changed into the usage of a shower curtain liner so the real fabric would not get wet and ruined.  So I knew I had to line up my material panel with the grommet rings in the bath liner.  I simply laid them on the ground, lining up the top edges.

The hassle I faced, and you may face, is that the width of the window curtain become now not as huge because of the shower liner.  My shower curtain hangs on a curved rod, so the 5 or so inches that became left of the shower liner, I hung in the middle of the curve for each panel.  That way it's miles without difficulty hidden.

If you have got an instant curtain rod, you may need to pleat the liner through without a doubt placing two of the grommet holes onto one of the shower hooks to shorten the width.  If you have a material covering the liner, I don’t see that as being trouble.

Then I marked a bit notch onto my curtain panel in which each grommet hole matched up. I did this the whole length of the curtain panel. After they have been all marked, I used my sewing gadget to make a button hole at each mark.  You will have to consult with your system manual to understand how to nice make a buttonhole.  They can vary from gadget to system.

After all my buttonholes were sewn, it becomes clean to hold them on the shower hooks over the curtain liner. I’ve switched from putting the two curtain panels all on one curve and isolating them.

I like it each method. If you don’t just like the puddle at the bottom, you may genuinely hem it up for your actual measurements for you to provide you with a pleasant tailored look. I wish this has given you a few thoughts for the following time you are searching for a shower curtain. Don’t restrict yourself to the bath segment!

Thanks for Reading this blog!